Monthly Archives: February 2014

Dino Hunt!

We have started our topic ‘Animal Crackers’. This week and next we are exploring Dinosaurs! The children have shown keen interest and wanted to find out more about these extinct creatures so planning as been adapted following the children’s interest.

These pictures show the children role playing archeologists. These archeologists are searching for Dinosaur bones and are going to use their problem solving skills to put the bones together to make a complete dinosaur skeleton.

All the children have written about a dinosaur. We have been looking at different adjectives to describe the dinosaur. We used the story dinosaur roar to find different describing words.

The Dino land has been very popular!





Noah’s Ark




As you know, our tic this half term has been all about Wonderful Water. We have learnt so much about water and have tried to make links to water in all the aspects of learning. We have look at lots of stories from the bible which water plays an important part.

Noah’s ark
Moses in the bulrushes
Calming of the storm
Jonah and the big fish

We turned our loft into Noah’s Ark. See the children busy building the ark in preparation to the big flood.